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Your amazing artists a gd person with a soul n great friend ty
Prophacy's music is so good. Makes for an excellent gift for yourself ,or a friend or family member. When I first seen Prophacy live, I was blown away by how good his music sounds.
Love you and your music.... my favorite track? All of them!
Met Prophacy back in '08 at the homie's house party. Don't really remember talking to him but remembered the melody of some of his songs over the years. He has grown and evolved alot as an artist and seems to be a pretty genuine person and artist. Glad to see he hasn't changed over the years but keeps growing! Much love to you and your family, bro!
First time i met prophacy was down in south omaha. Not only was the music crazy, but when he was up on stage with his daughter people came by and started shooting, and he didnt flinch just finished the song. Keep doing your thing bro.
Hmmm....well it was on August 28th 1982 at the hospital and really even before you want all the details. I have it all. The Dr.s said they have never seen a baby kick and kick all the way thru every part of labor and delivery like you did. Dr Jones let me know that my hands were going to be full with you being that hyper at birth...I still had 2 more tho. The Dr.s were right you were handful
Met my boy "Prophacy" back in high school in the halls and on the stage of AL in Iowa!
Beautiful Prophacy I love it track 23!!
Prophacy is amazing... Joe Phoenix is someone I would be glad to call a friend very down to Earth and kind to all and his music will rock your house!!!!
The original version of "With Darkness she sleeps".. I can help it nothing has ever captured my soul like that.
Gosh I am not sure there is a few. Take a Ride....a few mellow ones. Hello and now bye bye. Mom was here.
You have major talent. Keep up the amazing work!!
I just wanna say I love prohacy music straight from his soul thought life keep it real it's awesome and can't wait till more comes he a great person great friend a great father and definitely a great man thank you prophacy for everything you rock and remember you always got this it's your talent in life keep it up proud of you :-)
Feeding sins while dying within
Love the music and I listen to it almost everyday